Do Agency Intermediaries Work?

Business development has always been one of the hardest roles in an agency. I know, I’ve done it for over 10 years.

In particular, I found the intermediary market frustrating.

Intermediaries match clients to agencies and fall into several categories:

  1. Calling / Lead Generation
    These work with an agency to identify targets, call them and set appointments. Often they can work but it is expensive and requires a lot of interaction. If you don’t feed them news (and hassle them) it can be hard to justify.

  2. Pitch Managers
    These are almost exclusively based in London and are focused on the Capital. They need large projects (such as broadcast) to justify their fees.

  3. Publishing models
    These rely on huge numbers of agencies and are often the most complained about. “I paid them a few thousand to have a logo on my website” is a common complaint from agency heads. The largest has over 9,000 agencies. This is Yellow Pages, not an easy way to find your perfect agencies…

I felt it could be done simpler, cheaper and at the same time championing work in the regions. A collection of the very best agencies that can be personally recommended.

Less Yellow Pages, more Mr & Mrs Smith.

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