Questions you should ask when choosing an agency

Checklist for choosing your next agency

Changing agencies can be a painful process and often is avoided at all costs. There are ways to take away the pain and make it easier on yourself.

The three main factors for choice tend to be service, sectors and size.

Services, but also service levels

Most clients come to Breadwinner with a pain point. “I need a website” or “Improve my NPS”. It’s easy to focus first on services such as digital and go straight to google with this in mind.

I advise clients to consider service levels first. How quick will they respond to you? If you are based in the North then Leeds or Manchester agencies should be high up the list.
Some questions you could ask:
1. Where will our account fit (by billing) within your existing clients?
2. Do you have a standard service level agreement (SLA) we can view?
3. Is there an existing client I can speak with?

Of course, the agency has to deliver the services you require but “we do digital” is so easy to say and needs proof. For that you should look at their clients.

Client sectors

Agencies are formed by their clients work. An agency working in the travel sector should understand travel (obvs) but also search, seasonal campaigning and high value online purchases. Does this fit with your brand?

Look at the agency client list.
1. Do I fit within that group? What sectors are relevant to me?
2. Are they dominated by one client? Can I use this experience for my own brief?
3. What is their sector mix? E.g. Finance and retail could mean a fast paced, granular agency great at delivery.

Size matters

Larger agencies have a fantastic range of skills but it can mean your service will suffer. Make sure you are in their “Goldilocks zone” (not too big, not too small) before appointing.

Obviously, this is our day job here at Breadwinner but considering this framework is a useful start point no matter what route you take.

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