A Modern Exchange

As part of the press launch plans, I had a picture taken in The Corn Exchange Leeds, now home to a fantastic range of independent shops.
It’s a way of finding everything from Tattoos to Hot Dogs, often crafted by the very people who are serving you.

In many ways, this is just like Breadwinner Agencies.

I wanted to create a place (not quite as beautiful admittedly) where clients could find some of the fantastic agency talent we have in the regions. A place where things were laid out simply, visually and with a personal service that was honest and straightforward.

Creating a marketplace is not a new idea, but in many ways it is needed more than ever. Google search is a pretty dire way to find someone you will work closely with, but many of us still use it for an initial query.

Far better to filter on the site and then ask me for some advice. I will give that initial advice quite freely so you really have nothing to lose but the hassle.

Oh, and do visit The Corn Exchange in Leeds, I personally recommend the Hot Dogs.

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